Board Of Directors

Our Board of directors consists of industry leading professionals and business moguls of the modern age. Our board of directors help guide our leaders to do the right thing at the right time. The music industry is tough and guidance is key to making a change to the game. We have been able to move very quickly to compete with the larger record labels due to our very knowledgeable board of directors.

Board of directors

With the right board of directors the sky is the limit for Christian Record Label LBMRecords. With their technical know how we can do things faster and cheaper without sacrificing quality. which is key to help grow the artists without putting them in a huge amount of debt they could never repay.

Christian Record Labels should pay attention to how much the music industry is changing. It might be time for them to change their thinking as well and be more fair to the artists that helped them get to where they are now. It is time for the revolution. LBMRecords can be your voice.

Board of directors

Board of directors, Troy Jackson, Christian Record Label, LBMRecords

Troy Jackson


Troy Jackson is a Christian and a music lover. Troy has successfully ran several businesses many of which he still owns to this day. He is a producer, engineer, mixer, artist developer and Manager. Troy loves what he does and is willing to help all Christian artists that want to better themselves on this music career journey.

Board of directors, Taj Jackson, Christian Record Label, LBMRecords

Phillip “TAJ” Jackson

Board Member

Phillip Taj Jackson is a 7x Grammy nominated songwriter. Taj sold over 35 million records and rising. He is a Billboard award winner and an ASCAP songwriter of the year award. Taj has several # 1 records in the States and abroad. He is also a producer, engineer, mixer, vocal trainer, & coach as well as an artist developer and Manager.