Our Label

Our STORY and our clear sound

LBMRecords is one of the most successful Indie recording companies in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and home to some of the most influential and innovative artists of our time. Its reputation and extraordinary roster of new and established indie recording artists is unparalleled. With a visionary approach toward discovering and nurturing musical talent, the LBMRecords family is currently home to an impressive generation of artists.

We Create Music That Leaves A Legacy!

LBMRecords Formerly JTRecords was  originally founded in 2005 by Jarrod Wells, Troy Jackson, And Rich Muckle, all of them avid music fans and record enthusiasts. Their passion for artist development made JTRecords the home of choice for legendary artists. Today Troy Jackson solely runs LBMRecords and with over 20 years of recorded music history, our passion for artistry in music continues today as a new generation of incredible artists help to further the LBMRecords legacy.

LBMRecords is one of the most pertinent independent labels in the game. With a close knit but musically diverse roster of artists the LBMRecords family has redefined the industry itself, pushing it to new levels.

In the last ten years, LBMRecords has embraced the growing indie music scene, working with artists of diverse styles.

Quality, consistency, and professionalism are at the heart of the LBM brand. Our reputation was built on the dedication we have to our artists, fans, and from the way we treat our artists and partners alike. LBMRecords is a place where artists can realize their artistic visions, expand their audiences, and grow in their careers. LBMRecords is a label that is forever and always “Creating Music That Leaves A Legacy!”

Our studio is very unique it’s mobile for connivence of the artist or band we supply the equipment and you provide your instruments and space! it’s simple and you get the sound you want as you work with one of our experienced audio technicians.