Ben Acors

Ben is a professional Singer/songwriter signed with christian record label LBMRecords. He is also a CCLI and SongSelect artist as well. Ben grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, but now resides in the northern panhandle of West Virginia with his wife and daughter.

Ben writes music that introduces people to Christ. His music is uplifting, catchy, and encouraging. From Rock to Hip-Hop, Rap, Country, and even R&B, Ben’s diverse style fits many genres, which makes him a unique and well-rounded artist. Ben strives to keep God the center of attention with his music, because he understands that the talent ultimately comes from God.

Some of Ben’s hobbies include video games, videography, fishing, camping, and music production/recording. Bens faith in Christ is a critical aspect of his music that he attributes to his success.

Some of Ben’s major accomplishments include his albums being accepted into Walmart, Target, Sams Club, FYE, and Sam Goody Music stores. Some of Ben’s songs have also been featured on popular Christian radio station K-Love. Ben’s 1st Album, “Take My Life”, is rotated regularly on GODSpeaks radio both online and in Washington state.

Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter and Producer Phillip “Taj” Jackson has recently became involved with Ben’s music and is also a member of the board of directors of LBMRecords, the record label that Ben is signed with.

His wife and daughter are proud of his accomplishments and are his biggest fans! There will be many more new releases from Ben to watch out for in the near future, so continue to stay tuned so you don’t miss out on what’s to come!



Ben enjoys spending time with his family when he’s not working or making music. Bens family stands behind and supports Ben in his music career, he is blessed to have that support.

Ben draws inspiration from artists like Kutless, MercyMe, Skillet, Lecrae, Mark Shultz, Casting Crowns, and Third Day. Bens hobbies include fishing, ATV riding, rock climbing, camping, and video games.

Stay tuned to be in the loop on when to expect new releases and upcoming concert and event dates! God Bless!