Kerri Harrington

Introducing the exceptional talent gracing our LBMRecords family, Kerri Harrington. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Kerri has journeyed through various musical landscapes, performing in diverse venues including churches, music festivals, and even within the confines of a prison. A distinguished worship leader and singer-songwriter, Kerri is the visionary lead vocalist and founding member of the melodious rock ensemble, Athanasia.

Kerri’s musical style is a harmonious fusion of classical elements intertwined with rock, pop, electronica, and a touch of blues, crafting a sound that exudes ethereal beauty and raw passion. Collaborating with her husband and gifted guitarist, Bruce Harrington, they crafted a remarkable five-song EP titled ‘What Doesn’t Break Us’ with Athanasia in 2013. Not one to rest, Kerri delighted fans with a recent single release, ‘Risk It All,’ in November 2021, leaving a melodic trail of anticipation for what lies ahead.



As she diligently works on crafting new compositions, Kerri’s mission is deeply rooted in her heart and calling—to compose anthems that resonate with nations, infuse hope into the darkest nights of the soul, and allow each individual to experience the profound warmth of Jesus’ burning heart and His boundless love. Stay tuned as Kerri Harrington embarks on a musical odyssey that promises to inspire and uplift hearts across the globe.